In the newly discovered galaxy of Supernova a brand new race has been spotted. It seems to be the only race capable of surviving in such harsh conditions. The Qezians, as they are called, are one of the most intelligent races seen to date. Although very intelligent, they are very much lacking in creativity. Everything they possess has been stolen; they have no single thing that is unique to them. This matters very little to them because they possess the technology to excel in every possible way. This technology likely evolved because they don't get along well with others, requiring them to be completely self-sufficient. They have a very short temperament and little to no capacity to reason, making them unpredictable and very dangerous.


  • Vision
  • Generate False Info
  • Hypnotize
  • No Fear
  • Reduce Food Production
  • Electric Storms
  • Kill Scientists
  • Create Portal Force Field
  • Find Target Planets
  • Space Amazement
  • Destroy Iron
  • Sense Defense Station


  • Spy on Target
  • Plant False Info
  • Infiltrate
  • Place Nukes
  • Check Allies
  • Destroy Units
  • Terminate Scientists
  • Sabotage Portal
  • Investigate Portal
  • Planetary Infrastructure


  • Droid
  • Tax Office


  • Income: 50%
  • Research: 50%
  • Attack: 50%
  • Magic: 50%
  • Speed: 100%