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Active Galaxies


Saturday, Sep 3 - Tuesday, Oct 18
Type: Free Play Normal
Free spots: 12 of 64
Players: 52

With star systems popping up all over the place, the Starburst galaxy is home to many outsiders seeking to establish control through warfare and commerce due to the overwhelming populace. Rankings


Tuesday, Aug 9 - Saturday, Oct 8
Type: Free Play Normal
Free spots: 17 of 75
Players: 58

If you are new to the game, you are strongly encouraged to start playing here.
Special rules apply, and players are encouraged to learn the game before trying the more competitive galaxies. Rankings


Sign ups for Saggy D Hardcore round

Format as follows: Three man families. You can either form your own 3 man families (yes fully-drafted, no VIPs needed). Of alternatively, you can add your name to a list from which random families will be created. There will be a longer... Read More

Starburst Round 24

Size: 80x80 (same) Systems: 625 (615 last round) Families: 8 (7 lastround plus 2 added spots) Family size: 8 (8 last round) Drafts: 1 Max official allies: 0 (same) Length: 6 weeks (6 weeks) Market: 2 days Offensive Operations: 2 days Resources:... Read More

A Modern Chat in Discord

Hello ICers, Imperial Conflict has switched over to Discord for its official chat. You can join by clicking the link below: For those who are unfamiliar, Discord is a modern chat application (with both desktop and... Read More

retiring the #mod IRC channel

Hello fellow ICers, As of today, #mod will no longer be considered an official support mechanism for players. We have replaced it with an email address, This offers us a few benefits: [list=*] [*]You can now... Read More