Their ancestors were the scientists and engineers. They consider themselves above the other races due to the fact that it was the expertise of their ancestors that build the ships to leave Earth.

Due to their high concentration of engineers they have more efficicient ways of building and mining.

Their society is based along strict lines and obedience to the government is not just expected but demanded and willingly given. They prefer order to chaos. As the name already suggests the scientist are really the ones in power.


  • Vision
  • Find Target Planets
  • Space Amazement
  • Sense Defense Station


  • Spy on Target
  • Plant False Info
  • Infiltrate
  • Place Nukes
  • Check Allies
  • Destroy Units
  • Terminate Scientists
  • Sabotage Portal
  • Investigate Portal
  • Planetary Infrastructure
  • Destroy Cash


  • Droid
  • Tax Office


  • Population growth: 25%
  • Income: 30%
  • Research: 70%
  • Magic: -30%
  • Speed: 20%