Warrior race whose ancestry is not quite clear. They are made up of both alien and earth races and it is this unique blend which makes them awesome fighters. They are not happy with having either technology or magic, they want it both. They have a little knowledge of each due to the fact that the disillusioned Quantams and Dreamweavers join them.

Their society is loosely build and leadership changes often. Despite this they appear to be highly organized.

Their agents are highly specialized and most of their resources come from scavenging and stealing.


  • Vision
  • Generate False Info
  • No Fear
  • Reduce Food Production
  • Create Portal Force Field
  • Find Target Planets
  • Space Amazement
  • Sense Defense Station
  • Warcry


  • Spy on Target
  • Check Allies
  • Terminate Scientists
  • Planetary Infrastructure


  • Droid


  • Research: 30%
  • Attack: 80%
  • Magic: 30%
  • Speed: 80%