With ancestry dating back between species, Partaxians developed from a mix of Humans and Dreamweavers.

In the last few centuries they have lost all memory of the science used in combining these races into one, and have also come to shun technology in its more obvious forms. With inbred magical skills, this race relies on their native talents for combat, wielding Nature's own curse against those who oppose them. Nonetheless, hypocrisy lies within their roots, as a space-faring nation which relies on copying others to keep their foundation up to standard.


  • Vision
  • Generate False Info
  • Hypnotize
  • No Fear
  • Reduce Food Production
  • Electric Storms
  • Kill Scientists
  • Create Portal Force Field
  • Find Target Planets
  • Space Amazement
  • Destroy Iron
  • Sense Defense Station
  • Octarine Hurricane


  • Spy on Target
  • Investigate Portal
  • Planetary Infrastructure


  • Tax Office


  • Income: 30%
  • Research: 30%
  • Magic: 70%