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Name of your Empire, Week 42, 4098
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The Head Quarters (HQ) is the first screen you will be presented with, after you log in. It's also one of the most important screens, as it will keep you informed about what is happening in your empire. The amount of resources displayed here are the same amount you get when starting out in a regular galaxy.

Here, you see collected the most important datas about your empire like your resources, your race, how many planets you own and other important things. To read more about them click directly on them or read here.

In the HQ, as well as in most of the other screens in the game, you will see a status row at the top that shows the most important figures. The pictures represent the following:


Should you at any time forget what the pictures represent, you may hold your mouse pointer over it to get a pop up label with the resource name.

The leader of your family can post messages from your leader that he/she wants everyone to see as soon as they log in. This will appear on this screen..

If another player in the game sends you a personal message you will recieve a notification on the HQ screen that will provide a link to the messages screen. You can follow that link and view your new message(s) (Note: you can view your messages at any time by following the messages/mail link in the navigation bar).

Also on your HQ screen you will be notified of any Recent Reports that occured since you last logged in. These reports include attacks, covert ops, market purchases, planet explorations, and other events. These events are not persistantly stored on this page but you can access them by following the recent reports link that is located on this page.

You will find a link to preferences on the HQ page. You can surrender your empire or enter vacation mode by following this link.

And finally, you can invite a friend from this page. If you want to see the admins do a dance and give you tag points do this a lot. Plus who wouldn't want to play the great game. See you out there.

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