Surrender Empire

If you want to surrender your empire, you can do this here. You need to enter your password to do so. Deletion is only possible once in 7 days. In the period between rounds when time has not started, it is possible to rejoin the same family. This can be done by choosing the "Stay in Fam" option when surrendering. Note that this will act as a normal delete.

Enter vacation mode

If you are going away for some time and don't want your planets to belong to your enemy when you return, you can go into vacation mode. In vacation mode you can't get attacked and spec-opped, but you can't login and also won't earn any money and research points. Buildings and Units under construction will still finish, but the nw won't update. You go instantly into vacation mode, if you have not attacked nor attempted hostile specops during the past 24h. The minimum time of vacation mode is 4 days and the maximum is 7 days. You can't go into vacation mode during the first 24h after the account got created and during the last 2 weeks of a round.

No popup windows.

Normally, when clicking on a system in the map, a new window with the system will popup. If you want everything in 1 window, or your browser doesn't support popups properly, you can turn this off, here.

No planet pictures in planet list

With this option, you can turn off the planet pictures in the planets view, making the list faster to load and easier to handle.

Advanced mode

With the Advanced mode, you have the mass building option turned on, a tool to build buildings on many planets at once.

Change Email

If you're about to change your email adress, you should also change it here, otherwise you won't be able to recieve emails from us any more. Activation Code is required to change your email.

Change Password

If you want to change your password for security reasons you can do it here. You need to enter your old password and your activation code.

Change Game Appearance

Here you can choose from several game layouts. Some of them have useful additional buttons. There currently are 9 different layouts available.

The Imperial Newsletter is a newsletter with several news from the Imperial Conflict Universe. You can choose not to receive it, to receive it in html format or in plain text format (default).

Activate Premium Account

If you have donated to Imperial Conflict, you can activate your premium Account here, by entering your email and the Code that has been sent to you.

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