The Guide - Planets

In the Planets screen, you can see an overview of the planets you own. Here you can also build buildings on your planets.

Planet Max size Built Population
250 500
+100% cost
20000 (20000) Build
200 200 1400 (8000) Build
2 Planet(s) 450 700 21400 (28000) 1 Portal(s)

PlanetThis are the pictures of your planets with their coordinates. By clicking on the Planet link at the top, you can sort the planetlist by coordinates. Clicking a second time sorts them backward.
Max SizeThis is the size of the planet. It shows, how many buildings can be built on this planet, before the building costs increases due to overbuilding.
BuiltThis is the number of buildings on this planet. The number in brackets are the buildings still under construction. If there is overbuilding on this planet, the number turns red and the increase of costs is shown.
PopulationThis is the population on this planet. The number in brackets is the possible maximum population on this planet.
This shows, that there is a finished portal on this planet. By clicking on this Icon, you can raze this portal.
This means, that the portal on this planet is currently temporarily disabled by an enemy portal forcefield spell.
This shows, that there are Lasers on this planet.
This means, that there are Troops stationed on this planet.
BuildBy clicking this, you come to the building construction screen of this planet.
Advanced ModeThis enables the advanced mode to build buildings on many planets at once.

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