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We've been discussing this in chat recently, and it's been on my mind for awhile.  I think we may be in a good place to at least test the first version.


The idea of this galaxy is simple: it never ends.  You join once in a solo fam and your empire is there forever.  I would even suggest that we don't delete inactives in this galaxy.

Not only that, but it would be infinite in space as well as time.  As some of you may know, we've also been discussing bringing sectors back as a game feature.  For those who weren't around back then, the game used to work such that a larger galaxy would be split up into regions.

I'd like to take this concept further and use sectors as a mechanism for galaxy expansion.  For a given % of player growth, we open up an additional sector and experience a new exploration phase with no limitation on number of players or size of the map.

The galaxy may start as 50x50, but after a year it could be 250x250, or even 1000x1000 for all we know.

Let me know what you guys think about this.  The sector feature still needs to be (re)written, but we could absolutely start this now if we wanted to.

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

This sounds totally awesome. I enjoyed the test galaxy trying to boost income to the point of madness, doing it in this galaxy makes it even more fun possibly big_smile

The thing downside I can think of is that some (or eventually one) player gets so big and powerful, nobody can come close before he kicks them down again...

Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

Ofcourse this is a YES!!

(The thing downside I can think of is that some (or eventually one) player gets so big and powerful, nobody can come close before he kicks them down again...) people aint here 24/7 tongue not all atleast big_smile and having 1200 planets and your getting attacked tongue...
Still.....make Portals way more expensive then their now tongue so its harder to Portal every single planet out there smile

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

Agree with the above. This would be awesome, even if someone does get too big and becomes supreme douchebag. No doubt it would provide valuable information about certain aspects of the game which could be applied to other galaxies. Variety is the spice of life.

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

Good points.

I think this would be a good way to explore a threshold on growth.  In real life, empires tend to eventually collapse under their own weight.  A skilled player should be able to sustain their size, but it should be increasingly difficult as they gain 100s and then 1000s of planets.  This would make it more viable for a reasonably skilled smaller player (or players) to take on a big player.

Regarding the map itself, I am considering instead of manually adding sectors, that we let players "explore the unknown" themselves with no involvement on my end.

For example, let's assume we all start a Sector 0,0 (50x50 map).  You could choose to try to establish a base and compete here, and surely some players will do this.  However, you could also decide to get out entirely and fund an expedition to the unknown.  1 sector North is Sector 0,-1, and 50 ticks further is sector 0,-2, and so on.

If you wanted to, you could fund an exploration to sector 10,0, which is roughly 500 ticks East on the map (assuming no speed bonus).  That's roughly 3 real life weeks to branch out and claim an entire sector as your own.  Or at least, until somebody else gets curious and wants to come stomping around.

Distance should obviously be a larger factor in exploration cost, so that you can only explore as far out as you could reasonably afford.  Even considering that, this would make it easier to gain planets to combat the big guys.

This would also be a more pure reflection of the Infinitum concept: any single player can at any time reach the edge of the galaxy and explore past it.

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

If the galaxy would be infinite then may I suggest a form of trap planet? a captured planet that's sole purpose is to explode and kill troops when attacked?

This idea has another endless supply of modifications. This could be used in conjunction with disbanding a planet, to show unexplored but still has traps.

Just a thought, could lead to some implications though.

Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

That's a fantastic idea, even for our current galaxies.

I added a post for it here.

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

I like it.

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

i would  play

Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

Can we also include an AI?  Say we start on the left side, AI is on the right side of the map. No wrap.. something like that?

Possible wormholes also? Say to expo in the west, and when the system is full on a random sysyem it moves to the fartest point away?

Or randomly a system vanishes and reappears elsewere without being full?

Maybe a fleet is sent to attack and hits a wormhole and takes 30 ticks instead of 4?

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

maybe add a marker planets, add a system with 1 planet on (0,25) (50,25) (25,0) and (25,50) when this planet is explored, the adjacent sector will be added to the map.

adding "AI inhabitet planets" (with random defence stations) could also be fun

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Re: Infinitum: True Persistence

Don't forget timeships. With pie storing all data it shouldn't be a problem to hit a planet in the past.

Cast timetravel, enter Coords, enter tick number and attack vs past defence.

Great to avoid lasertraps and ports, expensive and deadly (exit fleet) when you hit an unexplored planet.

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