Topic: Goodbye Premium Accounts, Hello Patreon

Hi everybody,

During the last few months we've slowly made all Premium Account features available to everybody.  While the donations were very much appreciated, paid accounts were receiving slight but still measurable advantages over non-paid accounts.  Pay-to-win in any form is something we want no part of.

As a result, Premium Accounts no longer exist.  Unfortunately, that has left a void in our support system as players no longer had much incentive to donate.  That is, until now.

The above link will take you to our official Imperial Conflict Patreon page.  You can see all the details there, but the summary comes down to this:

  • For $1/mo you will receive:

    • Recognition as an Imperial Conflict Patron in our Discord chat.

    • Access to a members-only channel with other Patrons.

    • Listing as a supporter on the home page.

  • For $5/mo you will receive:

    • The $1/mo benefits listed above.

    • Access to our Testing Server where we run experimental games and preview/test new changes prior to the wider release.

Most importantly, Imperial Conflict will keep running and moving forward as a direct result of your contribution.

We'll be updating the site soon to reflect these new changes.  Your support is very much appreciated!

Thanks everybody.

Check out our Patreon here.

Got a few bucks?  The Imperial Tip Jar is accepting contributions!