The Guide - Solar System

In the system view of the star you clicked on, you will see all the planets that the chosen solar system consists of. Each system has got about 20-25 planets. The owner, if any, of a planet are printed under the picture. To zoom in on a planet an empire or its family, simply click on it.

Solar System 3,15

(NeutralEmpire #24)

(Your Empire #123)

(Familymember #123)

(NAPed Empire #16)


(Enemy Empire #90)

(Your Empire #123)

(NeutralEmpire #24)

(Allied Empire #16)

(NeutralEmpire #45)
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The bookmark button allows you, to save this system in your log. The close button closes the window if you've got pop-ups turned on in preferences.

FamilyPlanets that are owned by family members have a blue moon

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