The Guide - Exploration

Planet 9 in the 8,11 system


This planet has not been explored.

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This is the planet view of an empty planet. Those planets can be explored and so added to your empire by clicking on Explore. For exploration, you need to have an exploration ship, 50% of the total space on your planets filled with finished buildings and enough money to send this ship away. You can build exploration ships in the Units screen. The costs to send away an exploration ship is increased by every planet you already own.

The formula is as followed:
Cost = 1000 + (#planets * 1500) + (distance * 100)

After sending the ship it needs a while until it arrives (at least 1 tick) You can see the status of the ship and eventually recall it in the fleet screen. If your ship arrives and someone else already explored the planet faster then you, your ship will return to your mainfleet.

You also have the option to
- bookmark this planet in your log for easier remembering later
- return to the system view
- close the window, if you've got pop-up windows turned on.

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