The Guide - Relations

Hand of justice (12) has allied with us.
We have allied with family Hand of justice (12)
We have declared war on family Eternal darkness (90)
Eternal darkness (90) has declared war on us.
The Fruits (14) has signed a Non-Aggression Pact with us.
We have signed a Non-Aggression Pact with family The Fruits (14)

Our alliance with Hand of justice (12) means we can read their forum

ALLY status is achieved if both parties have declared the other an ally.
Non-Aggression Pacts take effect when both parties have signed the treaty.
WAR status is achieved if at least one party has declared war on the other.

At the relations screen, you can see which other families your family has special relations towards. The family leader has the possiblity to change those relations
About war: One family must have declared war to make it a war. You and families that you are in war with both have a bonus of 10% attack strength on the battlefield against each other when attacking. Also the loss of morale is reduced by 50%. The minimum duration of a war is 48 hours game time and after peace has been declared no party can attack for 48 hours game time. You can declare a maximum of two wars and only 2 wars can be declared against you, unless you declared war first. By clicking on their number, you can directly view the enemy family.
About alliances: You can read the forums of the families that you are allied with, and they can read yours, which gives you a great opportunity to coordinate your actions. There also is a link to the allies family view. Usually you can have 1 ally, in special rounds this may be more or less. Its illegal to have further unofficial allies.
About Non-Agression Pacts: In a NAP neither family can attack each other. Both families leader must declare the NAP for the NAP to be official. Families can have a maximum of ten official NAPs. However, more "unofficial" NAPs can be formed between families. Note however that these NAPs don't automatically stop attacks.

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