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The Family consists of those empires which started out in the same solar system - despite their differences they share a common cultural background and understanding. Working with your family members in friendship gives you a better chance of surviving in a rapidly changing universe.

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Members in family #1234, Your Family(116,84) as of Week 17, 4023

Family leader Custom race 153746gc 45
Fleet Admiral Empire Camaar 101112gc 32
Vice Leader Empire Revalons 63664gc 23
Vice Leader Empire Customrace 32030gc 15
Empire Customrace 26617gc 12 [ONLINE]
Vice Leader Your Empire Customrace 9093gc 3
Empire Quantam 6930gc 2
Empire Wardancers 3829gc 1
Inactive Empire Customrace 3320gc 1
Rogue Empire Partaxian 1250gc 1

In the family screen, you can interact with your teammates, called family members. Your family is a very important key to the success; if the family is successful, so are you. Therefore its important to communicate within the family, plan strategies, and help the new members with advice, and with aid, if needed.

You can see if they are online and if they are Vice Leader, Fleet Admiral, Rogue or inactive.
If you want to see some more info about any of the family members, you can click on the family members name in the list, and you will be taken to a info screen where you can also send a private message.
You are shown in blue, the family leader is shown in magenta and all other family members are shown in white.

Here are also links to other pages related to the family. Click on them to find out more about them. Note that the Congress can only be seen by the leader and the vice leaders and the Leader Options only by the Leader.

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