Family Forum

The family forum is a forum, where only the members of your family and your allied families can visit. Here you can exchange information, talk about tactics and coordinate with your family.
Family Chat
When clicking this, a new window with a java chat will open. In the chat, you can talk directly to your family members, when they are online, too. The chat can also get accessed with IRC clients.

Change your vote

In this screen, you can vote for who you think should be the leader of your family. The player with the most votes is the leader. A minimum of 3 votes is required.

Family News

In the family news, you can see, what happens in your family. You see new planets being explored, aid sent and attacks made by or against your family.

Send aid

In this screen you can send money and resources (max 2,147,483,647 of each) to other members of your family who need them. Aid to empires not in your family is not possible.

Family Defense

The Defense station is a big space station, that helps your family to defend against bigger opponents. 30% of every attacking enemy fleet in a system, where the defense station is stationed gets destroyed. Only the family leader is able to buy and move defense stations. Defense stations can only be moved to systems where your family owns at least 70% of all inhabited planets. If you own less than 25% of the planets in a system where you have a defense station, the defense station gets destroyed upon the next successful attack of an enemy against one of your family members. Every family has a max of 10 defense stations.

Leader Options

The leader options are only available if you're the leader of your family.

Here you can change the family name, the family picture and the leader message readable on the HQ page.

You can also declare vice leaders, a fleet admiral, rogues and inactives here.

Next to that you can also set the family chatroom.


External family homepage

This link is only available if the family leader has entered the address of an external family homepage in the leader options. Those sites are normally used to have an external forum, or to show some things about your family.

Those sites are not part of Imperial Conflict itself, so the Imperial Conflict team is not responsible for the content of these sites.

Family Ranking

This link will take you to the ranking page, where you can see the current family rankings in score, networth and size, and player rankings in networth and size.

Family leader

The family leader can declare war, alliances and Non-Aggression Pacts in the relations page He has control over the leader options. He gets elected by the family in the vote screen.

Vice leader

The vice leader gets declared by the family leader. This could be done for a variety of reasons, such as assisting in the daily leadership tasks. This role brings responsibility.

Fleet Admiral

The Fleet Admiral gets declared by the family leader. He will benefit from an additional 5% attack bonus. To avoid abuse, once the leader has allocated this tag to someone, it cannot be removed for 48 hours.


Setting a player Rogue will prevent them from attacking or opping any other player. This could be usefull if a player with the wrong intentions joins your family


If a player has been declared inactive by the family leader, this means, he hasn't logged on for a long time, so his planets can get taken. It is also possible to attack the home planet of an inactive. The empire gets deleted this way and makes place for a new player.


If an empire is blocked this means this player has been caught cheating by the moderators of Imperial Conflict and can't access his empire(s). Reasons for blocking are for example having more then one empire in Imperial Conflict, or accessing the empire of someone else.

Blocked empires still earn their money and resources and can't get attacked while being blocked.


This means, this empire is currently in Vacation mode and can't get attacked.

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