Support Imperial Conflict

Imperial Conflict is free to play, but far from free to develop, run, and maintain. Please consider supporting us with a donation.

Premium Accounts

Donating $10 or more will earn you a Premium Account as a token of our appreciation. A Premium Account will grant you the ability to draft into a friend's family, or allow a friend to come into yours.

A donation of $10 earns a Premium Account valid for 3 months; if $20 is donated the Premium Account will be valid for 6 months, and so on.

Donate on behalf of a Friend

It's also possible to pay for friends as a donation can be used for several accounts, for example $20 divided on two accounts with 3 months each. If you donate $20 or more and would like it divided over several accounts, please state the number of accounts you want in the message field when you make the donation.

Activating your Premium Account

Premium Accounts will usually be created within 24 hours of the donation. An email with the information needed to activate your Premium Account will be sent. Please note that no account details are needed.