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Active Galaxies


Monday, Oct 24 - Thursday, Dec 8
Type: Free Play Normal
Free spots: 13 of 64
Players: 51

With star systems popping up all over the place, the Starburst galaxy is home to many outsiders seeking to establish control through warfare and commerce due to the overwhelming populace. Rankings


Thursday, Oct 13 - Monday, Dec 12
Type: Free Play Normal
Free spots: 15 of 75
Players: 60

<font color=red><strong>If you are new to the game, you are strongly encouraged to start playing here.</strong></font><br/>Special rules apply, and players are encouraged to learn the game before trying the more competitive galaxies. Rankings

Sag D

Saturday, Sep 17 - Sunday, Dec 31
Type: Free Play Hardcore
Free spots: 15 of 21
Players: 6

SS competition Rankings


Starburst Round 25

A reset has occurred! Here are the stats: Size: 80x80 (same) Systems: 630 (625 last round) Families: 8 Family size: 8 (9 last round) Drafts: 1 Max official allies: 0 (same) Length: 6 weeks (6 weeks) Market: 2 days Offensive Operations: 2... Read More

V2 Layout Soft Launch

The time is here! Sort of. Although still a work in progress, the new layout is online and ready to be seen. Your account won't be switched over just yet though. Rather, if you're interested in checking it out you can visit the... Read More

Supernova Round 24

Has been reset! Map size: 60x60 (same as last round) Systems: 688 (last round 694) Families: 75 (last round 75) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 2 months Attacks and ops: 4 day delay Market: 4 day delay Resources: 50x Exploration ships: 30... Read More

Earth Time: September 2016 in Review

Greetings ICers, Here's the latest: [h]Updates[/h] [u][b]Easier Donations[/b][/u] Thank you all who donated last month. Every little bit helps cover the cost of running the game. More importantly, however, is what it means for my time.... Read More