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A Modern Chat in Discord

Hello ICers, Imperial Conflict has switched over to Discord for its official chat. You can join by clicking the link below: For those who are unfamiliar, Discord is a modern chat application (with both desktop and... Read More

retiring the #mod IRC channel

Hello fellow ICers, As of today, #mod will no longer be considered an official support mechanism for players. We have replaced it with an email address, This offers us a few benefits: [list=*] [*]You can now... Read More

Site/Domain Issues

Hello everybody, Earlier today we had an unexpected interruption to both [url=] and [url=] The game itself was still running as normal, but... Read More

Game back up & bug hunting

The maintenance work went smoothly. There aren't any changes that you guys should notice; it was just some stuff under the hood that needed adjusting. That said, if you do notice anything unusual please report it in... Read More