The Guide - Portal

Costs: 15000+planets*1000
40 weeks
Portals need a explanation. The portals are used for instant transportation, press a button and kaaazap you are at your destination. No more boring flights through space with nothing else to do then watch old reruns of Seinfeld.

This gives some obvious military advantages, if a planet with a portal gets attacked every military unit in the main fleet will be able to rush to the defense. Also if you choose to travel to another planet you will automatically take the portal to the planet with a portal that is closest to the target.

However the problem is that you will need a portal on both the planet you are going from and the one you wish to reach. And portals are costly and take quite some time to build.

You can build portals in the planets screen. The costs to build a portal are increased by 1000 cash for every planet you own. Also the networth of your empire and your construction science can affect the costs. The exact formula for the cash costs is:

Costs = [15000*(1+nwpenalty%)/(1+science%)]+1000*planets

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