In order to expand your empire you will need land to build. One way to get this precious land is by taking it from another empire. This may be done by sending away a fleet of offensive forces against a target planet. As soon as the fleet has arrived at it's destination it will hover about the planet, waiting for your command to begin the battle.

If you want to be successful in your battles, either as attacker or defender, it's vital to have a understanding of how battle is performed.

Fighting points

How good the different units perform in battle is determined by their fighting points, high numbers are better. There are 4 types of points. Air attack; how good are the unit in attacking other flying units. Air defense; how good are the unit to avoid and survive fire from other air units. Ground attack; what are the units chance to attack a unit on the ground. Ground defense; if attacked from the ground what chances the unit got to avoid and survive the fight.

Phase 1: Ground against air

In this Phase the incoming bombers fight against the defending Lasers. First, the bombers drop their load on the Lasers on the planet. Each Bomber has a 10% chance to destroy a Laser. Then the Lasers fire back at the attacking fleet. First they fire at the incoming transports and if all of them are shot down, they can also shoot at the bombers. Each Laser can shoot 10 units. Both sides can loose all of their Lasers or transports and bombers. Fighters don't fight in this phase.

Phase 2: Airfight

The fighters of the two empires in this phase engage in dogfights with each other. As the attackers bombers and transporters have no capability to attack other flying units they just try to hide and survive. The defending fighters have got a natural defense bonus. The maximum loss is 30% of fighters for both sides. The loss of transports and bombers of the attacker depends on the ratio of attacking and defending fighters. So it won't protect your droids in this phase, if you send more transports than necessary. The maximum loss of bombers is 30%, while all transports can get shot down.

Phase 3: Groundfight

This is the last phase, the phase where the outcome of the battle finally is decided. The transporters who survived the previous phases land on the surface and allow any ground troops that have been passengers in the transports to run out guns blazing. Soldiers and droids of the two power mongers fight it out over the control of the planet. Neither air units nor laser turrets are able to give any support in this, the final and most important, phase. The maximum possible loss in this phase is 15% of ground units.

After the battle

If the attacker is successful the planet will change owner and the defenders who survived the battle flee to the nearest planet owned by the defender. All defending stationed forces return to the main fleet of the defender. The attackers forces will station themselves and defend the new planet until new orders arrive. In the end, you see, if you won or lost the battle and what you were able to keep. If the defender was below 35% of the attackers networth, the planet is then "blown up", destroying all buildings and making the planet uninhabitable, which is then free for exploration again. Between 35% and 70%, the attacker keeps the planet, but all buildings on it get destroyed during the battle. Above 70%, the attacker also gets the buildings.

Should the defender have a strong enough defense to win the battle the planet will not change owner. And the attackers fleet will have to flee the planet while the defenders units gets praised by the planets population for its courage and fighting skills.

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