The Guide - Attack

If you know the exact coordinates of a planet you wish to send an attack fleet against you can do this from the attack screen. However it's often easier to click on an enemy planet in the systemview of the map and click attack there.
To send an attack fleet simply follow the instructions and fill in the coordinates of the planet you want to attack. When done, you proceed to the fleet sending screen. Here you have to enter how many units you want to send. You can only send as many units as are in your main fleet. Every 100 soldiers or droids you send need a transport to travel.

Then the fleet is on its way and you have to wait until it has arrived at its destination. You can see the status of your fleet in the fleet screen. There, you can also trigger your attack, when your fleet has arrived, or recall it if necessary. After having triggered the attack, you proceed to the battle screen.

But you actually can't attack every planet you want to. So players smaller then 35% of your networth are protected. In war, this limit is reduced to 25% and if you have been attacked by this empire before, the limit is removed completely. Also the home planets of other empires are protected, except its an inactive in your family. When an empire is in vacation or blocked or lost 50% of its planets without attacking back, then their planets are protected as well. When having no morale left, you can still send out your fleets, but you'll have to wait until your Morale is positive again, until you can trigger this attack.

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