The Guide - Affairs of State

Last Week's Affairs

Units -13014
Net income 143880
Food produced+282400
Food consumed-301207
Food decayed-1187
Net flow-19994
Iron produced+2207
Iron decayed-111
Endurium produced+10
Endurium decayed-1
Octarine produced+16
Octarine decayed-13
Science points

Here, in the Affairs of State, you can see, what your empire has earned and spent during the last week. You also see here, what spells are currently cast on your empire.

IncomeIncome shows your gross income; a 100 cash basic income, the income from your Cash Factories and the income from your population. The income gets increased by your race income bonus, the research bonus and the bonus from the Tax Offices you own. The formula for the income is:

Income formula: Income = (100+ (pop/30) + (CashFactories * 8)) * (1+RaceBonus/100%) * (1+(2 * TaxOffices/(TotalBuildings))) * (1+ EconomyScience%/100%)

If your population is starving, the income gets halved. If your buildings consist of 1 Tax Office, add 1 to the total number of buildings.

UnitsThis shows the maintance, your Units cost each week. Each Unit costs 1 cash per week.
BuildingsThis shows the maintance,your Buildings cost each week. Each building costs 1 cash per week.
BureaucracyThis shows the amount of money that is lost each week due to bureaucracy. Its comparable with the decay of resources. Bureaucracy is a 0,5% loss of the money you had last tick. So this empire had 255000 gc stored last week.
Net IncomeThis is the amount of money you actually gain each week. Note, that if your income is negative and you don't have enough money stored to pay it, 1% your army begins deserts each week.
Iron, Endurium, Octarine producedThis are the resources, you gained of each type. You gain those resources from your buildings and from the bonus resources of your planets.
Iron, Endurium, Octarine decayedBecause all resources are quite unstable, 0,5% of your stored resources decays each week. Alike bureaucracy, the decay is calculated over the resources stacked up at the end of the last week. The new production is added to your stack after the decay is deducted.
Food producedThis shows, how much food your hydroponic farms have produced. Each farm produces 100 food per week.
Food consumedThis is the food, your population and your army has consumed last week. Every unit and every 10 people require 1 food per week. So for every 1000 population or 100 Units, you need 1 farm.
Food decayedAlso in the future, food can't be saved forever, so 0.5% of stored food decays each week.
Net flowThis is, how much food gets added to your food each week. If this is negative and you don't have got enough food stored, your population will starve and your gross cash income will be halved.
Science Points
Military, Welfare, Economy, Construction, ResourceThis shows how many research points you have gained in each research field this week.

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