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Topic: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Kings Landing: Royal apartments: hallway

Tyrion, the dwarf, peeks through the keyhole to the Royal apartments of his sister… He, he sees his brother standing and his sister kneeling. His sister seems to be saying something to his pelvis in a vigorous manner.  Wait!  Tyrion’s eyes widen as he realizes what is actually occurring.  He thrusts his hand into his breaches and begins to tenderize his sausage as he presses his squinted eye hard against the keyhole, trying to retain balance.

Jaime:  See, now, the key here is to pay attention to both the sword, and, both saddlebags.

Cersei:  If it pleases you my brother, but I only have two hands and one mouth. If only I had more.

Tyrion knocks on the door urgently, “Um! Ah. Room service!”

Jaime: What’s this now!

The door is abruptly opened while Tyrion’s head is still pressed to the door and his hand is still busy, causing him to lose balance and bowl into the middle of the room. His breaches get caught on the door jamb, leaving the bottom half of his dwarf body bare. His sister, Cersei, opens her mouth in astonishment and demands, “Tyrion! What is the meaning of this?!”

Tyrion: I, I, while I was just walking through the hallway, minding my own business, I overheard you needed a hand!

Jaime:  What do you think, Cersei?

Cersei raises an eyebrow coquettishly and swaggers her head, grinning, “I think… I think I never knew Tyrion was so large . . .” Her smile begins to widen. Smile gives way to joyous laughter. All three begin to laugh as they embrace each other. Laughter gives way to grunts, grunts to moans, moans to shrieks.  The sounds of “ohh, Tyrion!” and “ohh, Jaime!” and

“ohh, Cersei!” ring throughout the halls of the castle. Has anybody heard?

Secretly, Varys is peeping through an opening in the wall sconce in a hidden passageway behind the wall of the room.

Kings Landing: Ned Stark’s chambers

Ned:  I know he still has desires for you.

Catelyn:  Ned, that was a long time ago. Littlefinger and I were children. Naïve.  We are just friends now.

Ned:  As you say. Now, my duties to King Baratheon will occupy most of my time. I hope you will try to keep our household in order, and our guards and children well behaved. This isn’t Winterfell, where I can excuse improper behaviour. This is the
seat of the King, and we should respect its walls. Understood?

Catelyn, Maester Luwin, and Desmond:  Yes my lord!

Ned: Very well. I must now leave to attend the Kings business.

Ned Stark leaves. All sigh in relief, and Catelyn moves closer to Desmond while loosening her blouse. She brushes up on his arm salaciously.

Catelyn:  Say, Desmond . . . You wouldn’t tell my lord husband if I visited Littlefinger’s quarters, would you?

At this point Catelyn is brushing Desmond’s cheek with her fingers, a bead of sweat is running down the side of his neck.

Desmond: I’m, I was, Ned Stark has commanded me to report your daily activities, I’m not—

Catelyn: It would be a shame if you told my husband about my visits… or about what I have in mind for you… Oh, Maester Luwin!

Luwin: Yes, my lady?

Catelyn: Lock the door, and fetch me my sex oils.

Luwin Yes, my lady, at once my lady!


The Starks

Ned (Cop)
The lord of Winterfell, hailing from a long and noble lineage of lords for a dozen generations. Having always occupied the North of Westeros with superior prominence, all current and former Kings of Westeros have granted the Lord of Winterfell the title of Protectorate of the North. Ned Stark has earned a reputation as a virtuous, noble, and loyal vassal to the kingdom: kind to his citizens, fair to his enemies, and loving to his family.

Each night he has the ability to discover whether an individual wishes his family and guards ill.

Maester Luwin (Doc)
A staunch and stalwart companion of Ned Stark and his brood. Always the willing servant, always the faithful consort. Ned relies on Maester Luwin for more than mere matters of protocol and medicine.

Each night he will set out to assist someone who is plagued with sickness.

Desmond (RoleBlocker)
In Winterfell, he began as a squire for Ned Stark's brother. Fairly decent with a blade, and approaching competent as a military tactician. Although hardly destined to become a hero or a notable warrior, or even have songs sung about him. But he nevertheless proved himself as a servile, obsequious soldier who carries out his orders without reservation or question. As such, Ned believed this to be the finest quality found in any soldier.  Soon, Desmond found himself promoted to the coveted Captain of the Guards of Winterfell, and has remained the most trusted consort on par with even Catelyn herself.
Each night he will set out to foil someone’s plotting.

Catelyn (Junior Cop)
Ned's wife. Strong willed on the surface, however faint of heart, docile, and subservient in truth. A mature woman of 40 years, however still very pretty and buxom. Rumours have suggested she and Littlefinger have had some sort of relationship before her marriage, but the extent of which is unknown.

The junior cop will be in the wings waiting to step up to the plate and become the cop. Won’t have knowledge of who cop is but will receive all previous reports upon promotion to cop.
(unknown number of) x Peasants

The Crown

King Robert Baratheon (GodFather)
In his prime, Robert was a muscular and formidable warrior. In his bid for kingship, he led only the most important battles. He himself slew the then King's most greatest and fiercest warriors, inluding Aery's Taergaryn in single combat. Armed with his massive war hammer, he was the finest warrior the kingdom had seen. However, as the years passed, armed with an ale horn and a fork instead of a weapon, he became an ill-tempered, lecherous, fat old drunkard. If investigated will show up as a peasant. Can be killed at night.

Each night he will select a target for death and select a mobbie to perform the kill.

Littlefinger (Roleblocker)
Born to no significant family or estate, this upstart earned his reputation through the accumulation of wealth by means of petty commerce. As a young adult, with only a purse full of coppers, he pilfered wood from foresters, at which point he sold the wood to fletchers in which he received a small amount of arrow shafts, which in turn he sold to huntsmen in return for small game, where he then bartered it at stew shops for a generous amount of coin. After decades of honing both dishonest and honest avenues of commerce, Littlefinger grew astonishingly wealthy and was known widely in Middle Westeros for his acumen in matters of coin. Therefore, it was no surprise that when he offered his services to the small council of the King he was readily welcomed. Also, he has been known to talk fondly of Lady Catelyn when among close friends over ale.

Each night he will set out to foil someone’s plotting.

Cersei Lannister (special)
Beautiful and cunning, though not as cunning as she presumes. Had she been born a brunette rather than a blonde, she may have been as intelligent as her brother Tyrion. However, she is not without her advantages. She does not hesitate to use her womanly charms to lure others over to her favour or to make them comply with her wishes. If her sex does not afford her what she desires, she finds no culpability in prescribing poisons and other womanly weapons.

Cersei will be able to use her feminine wiles to overwhelm one's sense of self and do her bidding during the vote.

Jaime Lannister
A witty and arrogant soldier who excels at the sword, born to the wealthy and reputable Lannister family. He has little regard for anyone but himself, and believes himself to be the greatest swordsmen in all the kingdom. Captain of the King's Guard. He also enjoys his sister.

The Others

White Walker (SK)
Reports have been made that a number of dead men have risen again north of The Wall in the form of demonic reincarnations. Characteristic features of these reports are that of snow white skin, star bright eyes, and ice for hair that appears to flame. They somehow appear drastically taller and longer limbed than the humans they incarnate. They possess super-human strength and vitality, and it is yet clear if these creatures can succumb to conventional weapons. They appear only at night. A new report describes several incidents of a lone White Walker, as far South as Kings Landing, murdering farmers in the area at night while they exit their homes to make toilet. Can be investigated but cannot be killed at night.

Each night the White Walker will find an unfortunate victim to kill.


Varys (Special)
Known as "The Master of Whispers", Vary's is suspected of having placed a number of spies throughout the castle as ostensible common servants. He is aware of numerous secret passageways behind the stones of the castle. Some suspect that he dabbles in the darker arts of Black Magic; however those foolish enough to believe such ridiculous things exist are the subject of laughter and mockery.

Will be able to talk himself out of one death experience by activating his little whispers

Secret Role (Special)


Players List

1. Humidity
2. TheBigOne (Ned Stark) - Killed by SK Night 1
3. Testudinae/Josh (Littlefinger) - Killed by SK Night 2
4. RisingDown (Master Luwin) - Killed by Mob Night 1
5. Ramza
6. Valcona/Thor (peasant) - Killed by Mob Night 2
7. Wiwi
8. Oxygen (peasant) - Lynched by Town Day 1
9. Arby3
10. Genesis (King Baratheon) - Lynched by Town Day 4
11. Richie (Cersei) - Killed by SK Night 4
12. Undeath/Nick
13. Alundra (peasant) - Lynched by Town Day 3
14. Melvin/PrinceCharming (Catelynn Stark) - Lynched by Town Day 1
15. Killas (peasant) - modkilled!
16. Nolio
17. Torqez (peasant) - Lynched by Town Day 2


Night Time Order

Town Roleblocker
Mob Roleblocker
Cop Investigate
SK Kill
Mob Kill



- The objective of the game is for your faction to be the last standing. In order to do this you must eliminate all members of the opposing faction.

- MOB is allowed 1 kill each night. They will win if all townies and SK are dead.

- TOWNIES win if they kill all MOB members, and the SK, and have at least 1 remaining TOWNIE alive.

- The SK will win if all TOWNIES and MOB are dead, and the SK remains alive.

- During the DAY PHASE, players cast votes for whom they would like to lynch. You can only cast votes for players who are
still alive and are part of the game.  If you vote for somebody who is dead/not playing, then your vote will NOT count and it will count as a missed vote. You CAN vote for yourself, and it will be a valid vote.

- In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be an extended period of 1 hour for players to change their votes, should they wish to do so; if at the end of the extended period the tie still persists, BOTH players will be lynched; if a player missed the original voting deadline he will NOT be able to cast his vote during the extended period. You can ONLY VOTE for players in the tie. Votes for other players will not count.

- You cannot miss two vote phases in the game; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

- You are not allowed to delete, nor edit any posts in this thread.  Once posted, it must remain as is.

- The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 02:00 GMT, this means that if you vote at 2:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.

- You are NOT allowed to make public a message sent you by the game moderators, either entirely or in part. Should this
happen, you will be removed from the game regardless of your role.  You can share what your information means, but you cannot share the exact text.

- Once you're dead, you're dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

- If you have a night action, and fail to notify ALL game moderators of your actions on 2 CONSECUTIVE occasions, you will be mod killed.  If you do not wish to use your night role, message the game moderators explaining this is a tactical decision, and you will not be penalized.

Night Phase: 16:00 GMT - 4:00 GMT
Day Phase: 4:00 GMT - 16:00 GMT
Game Mod = EvilRunt
PM Mod for any actions during this game.

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Yay! smile

Maar doodslaan deed hij niet, want tussen droom en daad,
Staan wetten in de weg en praktische bezwaren,
En ook weemoedigheid, die niemand kan verklaren,
En die des avonds komt, wanneer men slapen gaat.

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

yay no.1 i pwn


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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

It is now Night phase!!!

it is a 24 hour plus phase! actions need to be sent in by 4:00 GMT after that.

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

lolx i am alive!!!!thou should live till end like mafia 45.

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

The SK should definitely be a Faceless Man, eff The Others!

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Kings Landing: The King’s Solar


Ned Stark, (tbo the cop), dies. sk kill



Risingdown the doc dies by mob kill.

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

It is now Day phase!!!

You have until 1600 GMT to get your votes in!

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

that shit we got cop dead in the first day good job SK :s

Nolio you always get my love so LYnching you babe

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

I'm voting humidity for now just because I haven't seen him on chat since game started.

You have now been infected with Bird flu. Good day.


Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire


Maar doodslaan deed hij niet, want tussen droom en daad,
Staan wetten in de weg en praktische bezwaren,
En ook weemoedigheid, die niemand kan verklaren,
En die des avonds komt, wanneer men slapen gaat.

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Voting Melvin

Sex without the e is still SX!

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

voting melvin

It is easier to meet girl in park than to park meat in girl.

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Voting Oxy

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Boom goes the dynamite

[13:43] <@RisingDown> never thought i'd say it, but TBO actually did something useful.
[13:43] <@arsy> dont let him see you say that
[13:43] <@RisingDown> oh shit
[13:43] * You were kicked from #room by arsy (kapow!)

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Voting melvin

Been dreaming, I've been waiting, To fly with those brave ponies
The Wonderbolts, their daring tricks, Spinning 'round and having kicks
Perform for crowds of thousands, They'll shower us with diamonds
The Wonderbolts will see me right here at the Gala!

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

I vote Arby3

Valour-the courage to do what scares you to death

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

i vote undeath

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

voting melvin


Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

dont lynch me u guy will regret vote humi

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

I vote humi

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

I vote Wiwi.

Also I believe that story may have a few forum rule violations...

Modestus Experitus

Arby: A very strict mod, reminds me of a fat redneck who drives a truck around all day with a beer in one hand. I hated this guy at the start, however, I played a round in PW with him where he went as an anonymous player. Our fam got smashed up and everyone pretty much left. Arby stayed around and helped out the remaining family. At the end of the round he revealed himself.... My views on him have changed since. Your a good guy.....

Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

Changing to Humidity

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire


[4] Melvin (Nolio, Ramza, Alundra, Humidity)
[3] Humidity (Josh, Oxygen, Torqez)
[1] Wiwi (Arby)
[1] Undeath (wiwi)
[1] Arby (Thor)
[1] Nolio (Melvin)

not yet voted: killas, nick, genesis

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Re: Mafia 47:Ice & Fire

voting oxygen

never see him in chat

zazaza <3