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Supernova Round 7 is now open

Map size: 80x80 (last round 80x80) Systems: 822(last round 823) Families: 120 (last round 120) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 6 Weeks Attacks and ops: 2 days delay Market: 2 day delay Resources: 20x Defense Stations: 1 Cores: 3 (including... Read More

Orion Nebula Is Now Open

Please read through this carefully. Size: 20x20 accross 1 sector (last round 60x60 accross 4 sectors) Systems: 110 Koth Random setting (last round 235) Families: 5 (last round 15) Family size: 3 (same as last round) Max allies: 0 (same as last... Read More

It's back! Orion Nebula Hardcore Round coming soon!

Pick your family of 3. Post them and their forum nicks in the [url=]Orion Nebula Family Thread in Universal News. Also we need to know who will be leader. Make sure they have agreed to this... Read More

Extend Start date for Starburst poll

There is a poll no in Starburst. Some expressed interest in postponing the start for a couple of days. Go cast your votes the poll will only be up for about 24 hours. Read More