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Game downtime and its affect

As most know the game went down yesterday. After it was back up and running reports of missing builds, portals and even players receiving buildings that they did not build. So with this cropping up we can offer you 3 choices. Rollback, reset or do... Read More

A new forum mod!

Congratulations to Revenge, our newest forum moderator! In other news, due to an utter lack of imagination on my part, I'll be taking suggestions for rules-appropriate witty announcement comments that could have been used in announcing Revenge.... Read More

Forum Upgrade

Hello everybody! The forums have been upgraded to the newest version of PunBB. This is *not* meant to be a huge functional upgrade, more of a security consideration. That said, the forums are now mobile friendly! Check it out on your phone.... Read More

Forum downtime

Our forum is being upgraded however that means it will need to be down for about an hour. It will possibly be done today waiting on a time for it. Please grab your pertinent info that you might need and there will be a post to this thread of when... Read More